Yep, I'm most definitely a collector nerd. Sorry folks, I can't help it. T-shirts, vinyl toys, posters, books, recordings, and.. RECORDS! Oh so many wonderful records out there! There is just something special about having a band's hard work etched into those concentric rings on a slab of vinyl. And when the band and the record company put extra care into the design and packaging of that record.. well, then you really are holding something special in your hands.

Over the years, Less Than Jake has most certainly been my favorite band to collect vinyl from. They are a band of true collector nerds who put out releases for other collector nerds, and that's the way it should be. Zillions of different vinyl colors for each release? Yep. Cheese-shaped vinyl? Check. B-Side Etchings? Check. Splatter vinyl? Check. Album art from some of the great contemporary street artists? You bet. A "cereal box" box set? Why not.

My collection of LTJ vinyl is a pretty decent one, but in the back of my mind I've always known that there are people out there that have every release. Hell, maybe even every variation of every release. And I've been dying to see what it all looks like! That's why I've photographed my entire Less Than Jake vinyl collection and uploaded it to Flickr, in hopes that other fans will see it and want to do same - just like all those other geeks out there doing the same with neon signs, or cargo van door lettering, or movie posters. Then maybe we can start to build a visual representation of the entire LTJ discography! So, I've put my entire LTJ collection on Flickr and have created a group where we can all pool together our collections. Let the Dork-a-thon begin!

So, if you're a fellow collector nerd and have found your way here - join the cause, show us what ya got! If you just stumbled upon this, don't own a record, never seen one, don't care about Less Than Jake, or punk, or ska, or music - I hope that this collection sparks some inspiration for you! Enjoy!