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The Bright Side Project

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Go over and check out The Bright Side Project–a creation of Miss B. from The Blah, Blah, Blahg. BSP is devoted to giveaways. And there’s a new giveaway every day! Each day there’s a story that goes with the item that’s being so graciously donated, and a question–sometimes silly, sometimes serious, always thoughtful. Just answer the question, and you’re entered in the drawing. And don’t feel like you’ll never win. Be persisent! In the last six months alone, I have already won two giveaways! (not from BSP, but from Sew, Mama, Sew, and Love Forever).

Now, go forth and win stuff!!

Dan’s little project..

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I want to salute my great friend, Dan, for completing his mission to wear every single UGA shirt that he owns on consecutive days — and documenting it! I really love projects of this nature and was so excited when Dan embarked upon this one. Dan made it 17 days and went through 19 Georgia shirts! Make sure you click on the thumbnails and read what Dan has to say about each shirt that he wore.

I wonder if there are other dawg fans out there that can do better? I think in days gone by I could have come close to Dan’s numbers with my Less Than Jake shirts but, sadly, I’ve had to retire quite a few of them. Great job, DAN. And… GO DAWGS!!

Sobe signs

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DSC_0040 (1)

I don’t know what it is, but I have a hard time photographing here in South Beach. I just find it really difficult to get the shots I want. When I see something interesting, there’s usually something else in the frame that I don’t like and I can’t figure out a way to get it out. But, I’ve been trying to make myself get out there and shoot anyway, and I think it’s helping — it’s a good challenge. Usually if I come home and find one or two shots that I really like, then I’m a happy camper.


I just thought I would share a couple photos of one of my favorite subjects down here – signs and their buildings. Just as important as the architecture of the Art Deco buildings down here are the signs that adorn them. Bold colors, Neon lights, Art deco typography – great stuff. I always find it interesting what fonts are chosen for the signage down here. It’s really all over the map — ornate, stylized, kitschy, incredibly plain — it’s all here and it’s all great to look at. Some of it works really well and some of it fails terribly. I’m hoping to get out more through the summer months to photograph some more, and I’ll try to get some up here!

Byrd & Belle on Etsy

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I came across the Byrd & Belle Etsy shop today while browsing the “Father’s Day” section of the Etsy gift guide.  (Father’s day is June 21st, people! Get movin’!)  I was intrigued by the simple, stylish laptop sleeve,  and clicked to see more. I love everything they do! This was a true inspiration for me. The perfect fabrics, simple designs, lovely embroidery. Go see for yourself!

Meet the Kluge Letterpress

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I ran across this video about a week ago and have been looking forward to posting it here. This is just a beautifully shot video of an old Kluge letterpress in action at Mama’s Sauce Print Shoppe in my hometown of Orlando, FL. I’ve recently become pretty fascinated with letterpress and tend to daydream about what it would be like to work with one of these monsters on a daily basis, cranking out beautiful print jobs. Can you imagine trying to tame this beast? I think the letterpress process is a real labor of love, but it must also be so satisfying to work in a medium of art that requires you to work with your hands so much. And, well, the results are just so stunning! Boy, I’d love to stop by this shop on my next trip home to see this thing in action!

Want more letterpress? Check out this video too!