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Esperanza Spalding

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I met up with my good friend Chris Paquette today while in Chicago for an audition, and he introduced me to the music of the incredible Esperanza Spalding. At just 24 years old, this bassist/vocalist is incredible.  Here is a video of her performance at the White House Poetry Jam on May 12, 2009. (By the way, did you know there was a White House Poetry Jam? I didn’t. Thanks, Obama.)

Meet the Kluge Letterpress

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I ran across this video about a week ago and have been looking forward to posting it here. This is just a beautifully shot video of an old Kluge letterpress in action at Mama’s Sauce Print Shoppe in my hometown of Orlando, FL. I’ve recently become pretty fascinated with letterpress and tend to daydream about what it would be like to work with one of these monsters on a daily basis, cranking out beautiful print jobs. Can you imagine trying to tame this beast? I think the letterpress process is a real labor of love, but it must also be so satisfying to work in a medium of art that requires you to work with your hands so much. And, well, the results are just so stunning! Boy, I’d love to stop by this shop on my next trip home to see this thing in action!

Want more letterpress? Check out this video too!

My day, Saturday

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A few months ago, Jason showed me the flickr group, “My Day, Yesterday“. Flickr users video tape their entire day, then clip and edit to fit the video into a minute and thirty seconds. There are some really amazing videos from all over the world in the pool. I think it’s so interesting to see how different people spend their 24 hours, from their morning coffee to their commute to work, dinner with family and late night tv. So great!

I finally got around to making my own video on Saturday. Usually a Saturday for me is spent at the Miami Contemporary Dance Company, where I work-study. I manage the reception desk for most of the day and then take ballet and modern class. I walk to and from the studio, about a 2.5 mile walk each way, along the boardwalk. After class, I head home where Jason and I cook dinner together (this time it was tacos!). Then I practice flute for a bit and head to bed. A productive day, to say the least! So here is the video. Enjoy!

No Reservations

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Last night I made a wonderful discovery – there are a huge number of full episodes of No Reservations available on YouTube! I was completely shocked to see basically every episode of this show ever filmed available on YouTube of all places! I guess the Travel Channel doesn’t mind their content being available for free on third-party sites. Maybe some other networks can take this cue as well before they find themselves on the outside looking in.

For those that don’t know Anthony Bourdain or his show, No Reservations – it’s time to get educated. Head on over here and click play. And when you’re done there, head over here next and click buy.

I can’t get behind that!

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Anyone that really knows me is aware that Henry Rollins is one of my all-time heroes. Here’s a man who has carved out a niche for himself (post Black Flag / Rollins Band fame) by just always being “who he is” and putting it out there for people to either appreciate or remain unaware of. I just happen to be one of those who always digs what he has to say. What I find most admirable about him is that he refuses to stop — the man will work until the day he dies. Hopefully, for all of us out there who love him, that means many, many more books, albums, and tours to come.

Anyway, on one of his spoken word albums, Talk is Cheap, Vol. 4, Rollins does a bit about this track that he laid down with William Shatner (with Ben Folds producing) that always has me laughing all the way through. As many times as I’ve listened to Rollins’s description of the recording session with Shatner, I have somehow never actually listened to the finished product. Well, I’m not sure what prompted me to do so today, but I finally searched for the track – I Can’t Get Behind That! – which yielded the above video on YouTube that someone made to go along with the original track. As I’ve always expected, the track is flat-out amazing! Rollins is full-out as always, Shatner is brilliant, and hearing the two paired together is just plain surreal. I think the puppets in the video actually add a nice touch too. I can’t believe it took me this long to finally get around to hearing this – check it out!

And here is the clip of Henry talking about the experience:

There, hopefully I’ve made a few new Rollins fans out of you folks! As a side note, they’ve already sold out of advance copies of Rollins’s newest book, A Preferred Blur, and I’m pretty bummed that I missed out. My procrastination bites me in the bum once again.