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We’re Here!

Posted: September 29th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Crafts, Knitting | Comments: 1 Other Dork »

We have officially moved in! (We actually moved in about a month ago, but sometimes things just get too hectic and you can’t keep up with writing blog posts — can you believe it’s almost October!) I am loving every minute of my new life, studying for my MM at Carnegie Mellon University. Practicing hard, studying not as much as I should be, and finding my way around this new city. Also finding lots of releases here. Dancing at Dance Alloy once or twice a week, trying to find a yoga teaching job, and soon, very soon, I will be sewing some wonderful laptop sleeves and computer covers and ipod cases and things.

The other day I picked up the knitting needles, after putting them down for a long, long time. Started to knit a hat, then started over, then started over again, and again, and again. And now I’ve finished the crown, and I think I’m going to have to start over again, because my stitches are somehow off, somehow (it could have been the George Clooney movie I was watching while knitting, I don’t know…). Maybe lace was a bit ambitious for this return to knitting, but I will overcome! And maybe, even if weeks from now, I will have a lovely hat to get me through beautiful Fall in Pittsburgh.

(note: You know how it is, when you move, and you can’t find things that you need. Well, that’s how it is with my camera right now, so I apologize if this one isn’t up to stuff with the talents of my lovely boyfriend. He’s out of town right now, and I had to get creative. I got this shot with my web cam, by holding my computer at a very awkward angle.)