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A spicy holiday treat

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Oranges at Christmastime always remind me of being a child, and finding a beautiful, fresh orange in the toe of my stocking on the morning of “Saint Nick” Day, so I think oranges are only fitting for holiday desserts. I made this particular cake for a dinner with friends last week, and I thought it would make the perfect dessert for a holiday party. I got the recipe from Martha Stewart (her recipes never disappoint!), but I used two 9″ cake pans instead of three 6″ pans. I did use the seven-minute frosting, but I opted out of the white-chocolate poinsettia flowers on top. The cake came out beautifully, and the flavor has a nice spicy, citrus taste and the frosting is a light and fluffy meringue. Delish!

Things we’ll miss about Milwaukee #4 – Sprecher Sodas

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Over the past several years I’ve really grown to love root beer. Being that I don’t drink beer beer, it’s nice to have this drink that people still put some effort in to adding their own personal touch to. It’s always fun to go to a different city or different bar and have the opportunity to try their root beer offering.

That being said, Milwaukee’s Sprecher Brewery has the best root beer I’ve ever tasted, hands down. I won’t go in to any adjective-riddled descriptions of its taste, but just know that it is incredibly delicious. And if you live in Milwaukee, you can pick it up at almost every grocery store and most restaurants. The Sprecher line also includes Cream Soda, Puma Cola (two of my other favorites), Lo-Cal Root Beer (Emma’s fave), Orange Dream, Ravin’ Red, Ginger Ale, and Cherry Cola.

As ridiculous as it sounds, I will really miss my daily Sprecher – so much so that I have tried to postpone the inevitable withdrawal by bringing a total of 12 4-packs of Sprecher soda with me to Pittsburgh. Sprecher Brewery does offer shipping of their sodas anywhere, but it’s a little cost prohibitive. However, if anyone cares to send me a house-warming package here in Pittsburgh, I will certainly not turn the delivery man away!

The only thing that I can say negatively about these sodas is that I really can’t stand their packaging. I always thought it would be a fun project to redesign their packaging, as I think they could do a much better job of conveying how fantastic their product is through the packaging. It’s on my list of projects I would love to tackle some day, so who knows – maybe I’ll work it out one day and sell it for a lifetime supply of root beer!

Still kicking, sort of!

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Just wanted to write a quick note to let everyone know that we’re still alive and kicking, but life has managed to take ahold of us pretty good and won’t let go. I’ve been unbelievably busy with various computer endeavors and Emma spent much of her summer working one of the million jobs she held. We’re now preparing for a big move over to Pittsburgh, where Emma will be starting her masters at Carnegie Mellon and I will continue doing what I’ve been doing here in Milwaukee. There are a million things we need to take care of with the house before we go. We still have lots of dorky things we want to show you, and we’ll be trying to renew that commitment amidst all the chaos here!

Oh, and we did manage to escape all of this last week and spend some time up at the cabin in Wisconsin’s Northwoods, where I got to enjoy the company of these two wonderful ladies. :)

What to Du(vet)?

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Jason and I have been in search for the perfect duvet cover for months now. We painted our bedroom walls a lovely light gray and we would really like to have green as our accent color. I have been searching and searching for the perfect one forEVER, but I’m having a hard time choosing. The duvet must be CHEAP! (preferably under $75). Here’s what I’ve come up with so far for options, and I’m asking for your help out there to choose the right one. So, which is your fave??

Organic Forest Duvet Cover from West Elm

DwellStudio for Target Birds Damask Duvet Set

Branches Grass Green Duvet Set from Overstock.com

Gion Organic Bed Linens from CB2

And, just so you know, if I had a million dollars I would buy this one.

It’s safe to assume I’m not about to spend $300+ on a duvet cover (seriously people, who does that?), but which one would you choose? Or, is there one out there that you’ve seen that I might have missed? I’m terribly indecisive and I need your help!


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Here are a couple musical treats to serenade you on MLK day. Enjoy!